Media Kit

  • A Better Way Today, Inc.

    Welcome to the World of B-ROW (Basic Right Over Wrong)

    The B-ROW Team has spent over 20 years focused on facilitating the development of a fun and effective Edutainment brand for building Good Character. The result is “B-ROW” which is the acronym for “Basic Right Over Wrong”. Imagine the impact of a solid focus on “Building Good Character” beginning in a child’s formative years and continuing throughout his/her life.

    Parents are overwhelmingly concerned with the current social environment in many of our communities and schools which includes bullying, drugs, school shootings and peer-pressure. These are things our children face on a daily basis. Social Media has magnified some of the concerns, especially bullying. The experts agree that these issues can largely be addressed through character development. What if there was a focus on building good character in those formative years, kindergarten through fifth grade?

    This is just what the B-ROW resources accomplish, by using character building messages to empower our children to combat many of the issues they face and equip them with the tools necessary for success in the classroom, at home and life in general. These resources can be used at home and in the school providing a re-enforcing experience.

    Our focus is on “Building Good Character from the Start” and it all begins at home with B-ROW. Thank you for your interest and the vital role that you will play in this most worthy endeavor.

    The B-ROW Team