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Resources to help provide Our Forefathers Human Foundation (OFHF) of integrity in the early stages of children’s lives.
For children
ages 4-10
Mental Health

Social Emotional Development

Good Manners

Good Character

Animation & Music

Cartoons and downloadable music. Get the free versions click here.

Listen and learn almost everywhere

The Experts agree – Good character stories, whether in print or on screen, offer children valuable moral and life lessons. According to one Expert “Cartoons…can help restore optimism and give someone a break from worrying or feeling sad”.

Music provides benefits in many areas of child development and skills for school readiness including intellectual, mental health, social-emotional, language arts, and overall literacy.

The Powerful Universal Language of Music
  • Mother and father
  • A Handshake-a hug
  • Mr. Johnson
  • Excuse Me
  • Thank you
  • Numbers
  • Hello How are you
  • Yes Ma’am-Yes Sir
  • Boys & Girls
  • Speak and Listen
  • I’m sorry
  • Alphabets

Listen and Enjoy!

B-ROW Rhythm Supplemental Resources for Head Start programs, Schools and Districts

B-ROW provides orientation and training focused on the implementation, integration and best use of the B-ROW resources in Head Start programs, elementary schools and districts. When becoming your agency’s partner in character education and social emotional development we also become and instrument for parent engagement. Your agency’s resources are packaged with licenses for each site and subscriptions for home use to support the homes involvement in the process.

B-ROW (Basic Right Over Wrong) is a hands-on approach for assisting Head Start programs, schools and parents in adopting and modeling researched-based social/emotional skills of common courtesy, self-respect, respect for others, value for human life, and other positive behaviors. 

Simple and easy to use – Powerful and effective results

Across devices, smart phones, tablets and computers B-ROW makes learning good manners and good character fun and engaging with animation and music:

  • Watch the cartoon – take the quiz
  • Play the song – sing along
  • Teacher implementation and integration training
  • A “B-ROW Champion” promoting ongoing use

Teachers will find the B-ROW activities easy to incorporate in academic as well as elective classes.

Research shows that when a school environment is positive and secure, students feel safer, perform better academically, increase state mandated test scores, and are more aware of their behavior. B-ROW concentrates its efforts on character and social emotional development. With B-ROW’s supplementary resources schools will gain more instructional time, reduce the frequency of out of school suspensions and discipline referrals.