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A Better Way Today, Inc.

Welcome to the World of B-ROW (Basic Right Over Wrong)

The B-ROW Team has spent over 20 years focused on facilitating the development of a fun and effective Edutainment brand for building Good Character. The result is “B-ROW” which is the acronym for “Basic Right Over Wrong”. Imagine the impact of a solid focus on “Building Good Character” beginning in a child’s formative years and continuing throughout his/her life.

Parents are overwhelmingly concerned with the current social environment in many of our communities and schools which includes bullying, drugs, school shootings and peer-pressure. These are things our children face on a daily basis. Social Media has magnified some of the concerns, especially bullying. The experts agree that these issues can largely be addressed through character development. What if there was a focus on building good character in those formative years, kindergarten through fifth grade?

This is just what the B-ROW resources accomplish, by using character building messages to empower our children to combat many of the issues they face and equip them with the tools necessary for success in the classroom, at home and life in general. These resources can be used at home and in the school providing a re-enforcing experience.

Our focus is on “Building Good Character from the Start” and it all begins at home with B-ROW. Thank you for your interest and the vital role that you will play in this most worthy endeavor.

The B-ROW Team

Company Overview

Leveraging the power  – Education – Entertainment – Technology


A Better Way Today provides a multidimensional edutainment platform that blends education, entertainment and technology to promote enriching and engaging child character development. The resources are for children 5-10 years of age (K-5th grade students). The core of the program’s content is delivered through the use of an interactive software program that utilizes fun and memorable characters to effectively connect with children of all ages.

The Company’s software program is available for delivery to children both at home and within the classroom. There is tremendous value in the platform for parents and grandparents who are seeking to enrich their children’s formal education with strong value building learning materials. The platform is also ideal for use by families that are homeschooling their children.


The primary objectives targeted by the Company’s materials are teaching common courtesy, good manners, and basic values. There are additional skill enhancements such as language arts, spelling, comprehension and computer skills. Key to creating an enjoyable learning experience for children is the platform’s utilization of animated characters that help to increase the appeal of the content. The main mascot for A Better Way Today is B-ROW, a purple-mane lion, whose name is an acronym for “Basic Right Over Wrong.” These characters are a focal point throughout the delivery of much of the programs material. There is also heavy utilization of interactive quizzes that ensure that children remain attentive and engaged throughout the program. The written curriculum with printable activity sheets and the same stories contained in the software provide an enhanced teaching and learning experience.

In addition to its software content, the Company also offers live performances featuring music and skits that utilizes the characters and concepts that students have already been exposed to through the software platform.

Value Proposition

There is tremendous value to be realized by children and schools from character development. Extracurricular content such as character development programs and assemblies are often the first items removed from schools with budget cuts. However, character development remains as important as ever in the lives of today’s children.

Studies have shown that aside from improving moral values, character education also works to positively impact student performance academically. Parents are overwhelmingly concerned with the current social environment in many of our communities  and schools which includes bullying, drugs, and peer-pressure and these issues can largely be addressed through character development.

A Better Way Today and it’s Strategic Partners seek to combat many of the issues faced by today’s children and provide them with the tools necessary for success in the family and classroom as well as in life.

ABWT – Leveraging the power of education, entertainment and technology.

Brand Historical Summary



2001 – 2004                                                                                                                                                              B-ROW Kids1

2005 – 2008

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